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Headed by CEO Jeremy Hoyland, HFMC Wealth is a privately owned and independent financial services/financial planning company with offices in central London and Weybridge, Surrey. The company works with financially successful people and their families to bring direction, focus and efficiency to their financial world, freeing up their valuable time. Client care is at the heart of the business; each client is supported by a dedicated team backed up by expert divisions including tax, employee benefits, specialist investment management and private finance. HFMC Wealth actively supports the PFS and all team members in attaining their Chartered and Fellowship status

i-Wire: Market Update 16th November

i-Wire: And then there was light... If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. (Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese spiritual leader) In this most depressing and challenging of years we have had a week which has finally brought us some hope with the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine study results as unexpected as it was welcome. The dedication, innovation and determination of the global biotech and pharmaceutical industries to produce a whole array of vaccines and prepare for the vast logistical challenges of worldwide immunisation is both humbling and inspirational. Once again, our appreciation of who are the true ‘key workers’ in our society has become self-evident. The vaccine will make little difference to the challenges we face this winter but is a beacon of hope for the spring and beyond. Turning to politics,  it is not our role to exhibit personal preference but we suspect most of us will be pleased to see the back of Donald Trump and his chaotic, abrasive and divisive style of government. We welcome instead President-elect Joe Biden who we hope will heal social divisions at home and restore the US’s traditional moral authority and leadership abroad. One senses [...]

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i-Wire: Market Update 2nd November

i-Wire: In the eye of the Storm (again) These continue to be very difficult times for global markets which sold off heavily in the second half of October. They now face a uniquely challenging week as the re-imposition of lockdown restrictions in Europe is simultaneous with the US going to the polls in the most bitter and divisive election for decades. This has the potential to be a volatile few weeks which could test investors nerves to the full. Our counsel, as in March and April, is that at times of severe market stress the best policy is to think long term and only make changes to portfolios when there is more clarity as to the outlook yet good opportunities still present themselves. At the risk of being overtaken quickly by events, this is our assessment of the current market background The severity and magnitude of the Covid pandemic, along with the response from Central Banks and governments, will remain the main driver of market direction for the remainder of this year and next. The US election is more of a transient short-term factor in terms of market movement, though one that has the potential to be explosive. In the [...]

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Ranked 24 in the Top 100 Financial Advisers (UK) by FT

We are proud to announce that we are, for the second year in a row, in the top 25 of the FTAdviser.com's Top 100 Financial Advisers 2020. The FTAdviser’s 2020 Top 100 Financial Advisers list uses quantifiable and objective data to provides a snapshot of the very best intermediaries working in the UK today. The 2020 list of the UK’s top 100 financial advisers list ranks firms by looking at factors that are key to investors seeking the best person to assist them with their finances. These awards are judged by a range of factors, not just how much new investment the advice firm has brought in. We are proud and delighted to be chosen to be 24th in this elite group. To see the full data breakdown please click here 

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Our Changing World

We tend to concentrate in this newsletter on just the financial metrics, bond yields, equity returns and all that jazz. I like to throw in a bit about music and films and the footy every so often to give us all a bit of a break from the heavy stuff...
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