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Generic Financial Management are excited to announce that they have now joined the HFMC Wealth Group of companies

“We’ve felt for some time that we needed a partner to provide us with greater critical mass if we are to cope with the ever-increasing regulatory burden, while broadening the range of services we are able to provide to our clients. It was crucial that they shared our values and those of our clients, while mirroring our view of the investment world, to ensure continuity for clients. The directors are also at a stage where clients are starting to ask about our own retirement plans. We need to give clients confidence and reassurance that we will continue to provide high-quality ongoing advice for as long as they need it. Consequently, it was crucial we found a partner capable of recruiting and training the next generation of planners, who can then maintain these client relationships.

In HFMC Wealth we have found a partner who ticks all these boxes, while protecting the legacy of the business we are proud to have built.”


Paul Thomas, Generic Financial Management Managing Director