Rob Pemberton

About me I have worked at HFMC Wealth since December 2006. Prior to that I worked as a fund manager at one of the City’s largest asset management companies for over 20 years, managing predominantly pooled pension funds and segregated pension mandates. I enjoy the challenge of delivering a competent and professional investment service to the firm’s clients to enable them to meet their long term financial objectives. I want our investment proposition and client experience to be the equal or better than that of the big wealth management firms. The investment team is close knit, hardworking and highly motivated and it is a pleasure to work alongside my colleagues on a daily basis. Our long term performance record has been strong in terms of both the returns delivered to clients and relative to that of our peers in the wealth management industry. I would also like to think that clients enjoying their regular chats with me and reading my slightly offbeat investment newsletters.

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James Tuson

About me I have worked at HFMC Wealth for over ten years now and have almost twenty years experience in private client work. We’ve built an excellent team spirit in the investment team over the years, recognising that the harder and closer we work for each other, the greater the ultimate benefit received by our clients. We are focused on delivering successful investment outcomes for HMFC clients that help drive the attainment of each individual’s financial goals and objectives. We don’t spend our time marketing ourselves to other firms in the hope of getting more money under management, preferring to spend our time where it matters most. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is in the challenge of taking world and market events and translating those in to a ‘world view’ that can be filtered in to a sensible investment portfolio for that point in time. We won’t get everything right, but our track record suggests we get more right than wrong which tips the scales in our favour. Our common sense approach and easy-to- understand commentary is a feature of what we do. We are a long established [...]

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