Marcus Carlton FPFS

About me I work in close partnership with my clients. Together we build a financial roadmap that expresses your financial goals in terms of the things that really matter to you, your most important goals and your deepest held values. It's a powerful process that gives you the space to think about how your life goals translate into financial priorities. I think the most important thing is to listen. Most people are too busy trying to get their own message across and don't listen to what the client is saying. I tailor the level of detail that I provide to the preferences of each client. I won't bother them with the detail unless they want to know it. What I really enjoy is focusing on people's goals - the bigger picture. Rather than drowning clients in data and reports, I talk to them about how close they are to achieving their objectives, whether that is stopping work, buying a holiday home or helping their children with a start in life. It's also important to help clients manage their often complicated financial worlds with multiple professional advisors. My team and I will work [...]

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Caroline Richmond FPFS

About me I have been working in financial planning since 2000 and at HFMC Wealth since 2014. I am a Senior Technical Consultant, Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and was a nominated finalist for the annual PFS industry ‘Paraplanner of the Year’ award in 2017. Working alongside Marcus Carlton, I share his passion for helping people achieve those things most important to them. I love to get to know our clients on a deeper level, understand their values and really know what motivates and drives them. Taking the time to discuss their goals, things which may require time and money to achieve, helps us to develop a lifetime strategic plan for them to follow. This plan is then regularly reviewed by us to ensure that any changes or preferences to a client's life are accommodated. This keeps them and their goals on track and beneficially provides peace of mind. Giving a client time and space to concentrate on their lives, their family or their business, and allowing them the opportunity to have complete clarity and total confidence that their financial world is being looked after is the most rewarding part of my role. Outside [...]

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