Ross Ibbotson

About me I am lucky enough to have a small number of incredible clients who I enjoy helping particularly at important junctions in their lives. They are interesting and successful people who have helped me gain a broad understanding of the challenges they face and the ways they meet those challenges. Primarily my clients are professional investors and their families, interesting people that I like to spend time with. It's a vast range from investment bankers and entrepreneurs to partners at the Big Four. My clients value the fact that I look after their peers, understand their world and care about their trust. As far as I am able, I invest my own money alongside that of my clients, and I take pride in fighting hard on their behalves for the best solutions possible. I’m often called when someone is facing a major life decision or upheaval such as leaving their job, sending a child to university or moving house. Sitting with a client trying to help them agree a package for a job or deciding how best to fund their child's education has given me an insight that is highly personal [...]

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James Scott

About me I've been working with HFMC Wealth since 2008 and have known many of the clients I advise for 10 years or longer. It’s been a great journey and very rewarding helping to clarify what matters most to each client and guiding them through the financial maze. I believe a good adviser is someone able to listen and understand your needs, apply the correct knowhow in a personalised way and remain focused on your best interests and outcomes. The right advice at the right time has the power to be of great value. My aim is to be positioned alongside our clients and filter out the financial noise, keep to what’s relevant and help determine the most suitable financial plan for you and your family.

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