The Wire: Winter 2020 – Welcome to the Winter edition of The Wire.

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Welcome to the Winter edition of The Wire.

Making sense in turbulent times

Last issue I wrote that we continue to live through some very strange times. That remains as true now as it did then.  Since then we have lived through further oscillations in COVID management policy, a return to lockdown in the UK , seen tensions escalate in the Brexit negotiations and heard the promise of multiple vaccines to end, over time, the pandemic.  We have followed a US election that has gripped and shocked in equal measure for all that have followed it, whether you are on the blue or red side of the divide.  

Throughout this we have endeavoured to continue to provide clarity and strategic insight for you.  If you did not get a chance to see it I would recommend spending half an hour watching Professor Matthew Goodwin’s expert insight on the UK political landscape and what it might mean for you.

Throughout this turbulence we have continued to manage our clients’ assets based upon our long-term investment philosophy with a focus on preserving your wealth. 

Those of you using our discretionary services will have seen a number of changes to portfolios to reposition for the new investment opportunities and threats provided by the evolving “new normal”, Brexit, a new US president, and the impact of unprecedented government borrowing amongst multiple factors.

This issue of the Wire tells you some of the planning we are utilising currently, including a case study of some past strategic advice for one of our fantastic families. 

As we approach another tax year end in just a few months’ time, we cover the merits of realising capital gains now at current CGT rates versus deferral and possible CGT traps arising from working from home. We also highlight some allowances and changes that may affect your pension and retirement planning as well as the impact of proposed changes to the Retail Price Index.

We also have a guest article from the Porsche Club of Great Britain with whom we have been partnered for the past 3 years as their exclusive wealth management partner. This article gives a review of the Porsche’s first ever wholly electric car,  the Taycan.

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