About me

Lifelong cash-flow planning is at the heart of the advice I provide to my clients. In essence, I help them plan so that they never have a fear of running out of money.

If I find they are likely to accumulate more and more wealth throughout their lifetime, I advise them on how to reduce the impact of inheritance tax and pass as much of this wealth as possible onto future generations.

Every client is unique and therefore the importance of understanding and including individual lifetime goals as part of their financial plan cannot be underestimated.

As part of the planning process I look to consider the impact of different scenarios, for example, what would be the effect of a future need for long-term care, with the associated costs, on the projected outcome?

I believe that this approach helps my clients make informed decisions regarding their financial futures, for example, whether they should make lifetime gifts to family or trust, or invest to grow their wealth, considering how much risk they might want, or need, to take to achieve their goals.

My aim is to deliver solutions tailored to individual clients’ needs and objectives. This might include creating a tax efficient investment portfolio, or helping to put in place suitable trust arrangements. Thereafter, the client and I undertake regular reviews to ensure that they remain on track.

I tend not to focus on solutions at the outset but rather on clearly establishing what the client’s goals are. I look to take the pressure off and give my clients the time and space they need to think about what they want, so their objectives are clearly defined and they understand the solutions put forward. Listening is a key part of ensuring clients’ thoughts and views are considered and I believe my approach means they remain at ease throughout the process.

Outside of my working environment I enjoy relaxing with friends and family and especially spending time with my grandson.

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