About me

I have been a private client adviser for more than a decade, and have been with HFMC Wealth  since 2009. I work with private clients and owners of small and medium- sized enterprises, helping them to reach their lifestyle and financial goals using carefully considered planning.

I tend to work with clients with complex financial planning needs and the level of income or investable assets that require a particular expertise. I typically work with professionals, such as for example solicitors, both current and retired. Clients at all stages of life can gain from working with me.

Achieving structural and tax efficiency is always a key consideration as are the individual circumstances and needs of every client I advise. I enjoy helping people plan for their immediate and future lifestyle goals, and building close relationships with my clients so I remain part of that ongoing journey is very important to me.

I don’t want to be a solely a transactional adviser – it’s about the bigger picture of helping clients achieve their goals rather than how many products I can name in a Risk meeting.

I strongly believe that focusing on clients’ needs is more important than focusing on products. Investment or savings products are not particularly interesting in themselves, but what they can allow an individual or a family to do with their lives is very interesting and far more rewarding, so that is my main concern.

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