About me

I have worked as an independent financial adviser for over 30 years, advising private clients and businesses on all aspects of their financial requirements. I’ve always taken a holistic approach to financial planning, rather than a purely product-based approach.

Financial planning isn’t just about choosing the right investment or picking the best pension plan. Instead, I focus on building long term relationships with my clients and their families so that together we can design and implement lifelong financial planning strategies that are appropriate for each generation.

Using market-leading and sophisticated cash-flow forecasting tools my team and I can provide clients with a window into their financial future with the aim of ensuring that they never run out of money.

One of the most satisfying aspects of the work I do is showing clients how having a plan in place can help them achieve their financial independence at the earliest opportunity.

Many of my clients have been with me for years, and think of me as a trusted friend rather than simply a professional adviser.

When I’m not working with clients I enjoy cycling and spending time with my family. I’m also an accomplished home-brewer (though not everyone agrees!).

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