About me

I am lucky enough to have a small number of incredible clients who I enjoy helping particularly at important junctions in their lives. They are interesting and successful people who have helped me gain a broad understanding of the challenges they face and the ways they meet those challenges.

Primarily my clients are professional investors and their families, interesting people that I like to spend time with. It’s a vast range from investment bankers and entrepreneurs to partners at the Big Four.

My clients value the fact that I look after their peers, understand their world and care about their trust. As far as I am able, I invest my own money alongside that of my clients, and I take pride in fighting hard on their behalves for the best solutions possible.

I’m often called when someone is facing a major life decision or upheaval such as leaving their job, sending a child to university or moving house. Sitting with a client trying to help them agree a package for a job or deciding how best to fund their child’s education has given me an insight that is highly personal to each individual.

Being a sounding board and a sense check to help clients make truly life changing decisions is both a privilege and huge responsibility. I greatly value the trust that my clients place in me, and I aim to repay that by offering truly independent advice that is innovative and absolutely focused on each client’s personal objectives.

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