About me

I provide a long-term, holistic financial planning service to my clients. This focuses on them and their objectives for the rest of their lives. As a consequence, my service is not for those seeking a product-orientated or ‘transactional’ relationship.

I enjoy taking the time to get to know someone, to really understand them, their aims and objectives before we start talking about what solutions might be appropriate. It’s because of this approach that my clients trust me and have stayed with me for many years.

It’s very much a collaborative effort. I work together in partnership with my clients and the relationship works best when the client is prepared to really engage with the financial planning process together with me.

Using sophisticated lifetime cash flow modeling software, I provide a tailored financial planning service to individuals. This includes wealth creation, at or in retirement planning, estate preservation and catering for unexpected events, by way of appropriate contingency planning.

Beyond work, I enjoy walking my dog, exploring West Sussex and spending time with my children and grandson.

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