About me

I’ve been working now as an independent financial adviser for more than thirty years, after twelve years with a leading life assurance company. One of the most rewarding aspects of my career has been the number of clients with whom I have been working continuously throughout this time.

I recognise that life is a financial balancing act for us all and my role is to help get the balance right for my clients, whatever stage in life they may be at. Indeed, I have observed over the years how clients’ priorities tend to change as their circumstances change, with their appetite for risk normally reducing as they mature. It’s my job to ensure that those changing priorities and attitudes are accurately reflected in the financial plans I develop for my clients.

Financial services, especially pensions, can be seen as shrouded in mystique and this, combined with complexity and jargon, can lead to confusion for many people.

For this reason I try to keep things as simple as possible for my clients, making sure they have all the information they need but not bothering them with unnecessary detail, which hopefully leads to greater understanding and greater confidence.

A high percentage of my clients are now either approaching or in retirement. I like to think of myself as “walking my clients into retirement”, emphasising the need to give time to making the right decisions and not rushing into things.

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