About me

I am a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, hold the award in Long Term Care and have been working at HFMC since 2015.

I believe that it is essential to not only have an understanding of each client’s current circumstances, but also to fully comprehend what is that they are looking to achieve in the future so that I am able to develop a bespoke strategy that is beneficial now, throughout their lifetime and in some cases through to future generations as well.

The biggest reward for me comes from relieving my clients and their families of the stresses of managing their personal finances, allowing them to focus on other more rewarding aspects of their lives.

Typically I work with professionals and their families in a holistic manner, building long term relationships with my clients and working closely with them as they transition through the various stages of their lives.

Outside of work my interests include cars, driving and motor racing; spending time with my friends and family; going to the cinema and cooking.

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